Waterways Bridge

What we'll do and when

We're working to build the foundations for the twin bridges over the Waterways wetlands. To build the foundations, we’ll use a large machine called a piling rig to drill a circular hole in the ground. We’ll then install a steel tube and reinforcement and fill the hole with concrete to form a pile.

These works will also include continuing protection works of a utilities pipeline in the area, bringing machinery into the worksite and reinstating the area once all works are complete. While we work, we’ll maintain strict environmental controls to contain water run-off from our works, protect sensitive vegetation through no-go zones and monitor the water quality of the wetlands.

We'll complete this first stage of piling by late-October 2020 before starting work on the bridge abutments. We’ll continue to keep you updated on this work.

We’ll carry out most of these works during the day, Monday to Friday between 7am and 7pm and on Saturdays between 7am and 3.30pm. We’ll let you know in advance of work outside of these hours.

What you can expect

We'll use a piling rig, crane and excavator to work from the temporary rock platform we built. You may experience some noise and vibration and be able to see machinery from time to time. We’ll do our best to keep our construction impacts to a minimum.

We’ll keep you informed of changes to traffic conditions through road signs and traffic controllers. For more information, visit Victoria's Big Build.